VSAT Terminals and Components


We offer SCPC satellite communication equipment, including but not limited to L-band, IP enabled and variable bit rate modems, C- and Ku band transceivers, BUCs, LNBs,... If do you send us your requirements, we will reply with a quotation.



Comtech EF Data offers a complete portfolio of high quality satellite communications products and systems, incl. digital satellite modems, satellite IP modems, frequency up and down converters, Transceivers, Low noise and high power amplifiers, Satellite network management systems, IP multicasting solutions.

Codan is an acknowledged leader in the design, manufacture, sales and support of C-Band and Ku-Band RF products for use in satellite earth stations. All Codan Satcom products are supported by a 3-year warranty and are suitable for sustained operation in the harshest of environments. Codan provides C-Band transceivers with power levels of 5, 10 ,20, 40, 60 and 120W; Ku-Band transceivers with 4, 8 & 16W; L-band IF transceivers.


Terrasat Communications is the premier provider of L-band interface Block Upconverters (BUCs). Terrasat provides a complete line of full-featured, high performance C and Ku-band BUCs.


NJRC provides a range of field proven and cost effective BUCs, ranging from 1W to 10W.





Shiron Intersky - we are providing complete VSAT terminal for users of Shiron DVB broadband services including antenna dish (1.8m or 2.4m), 2W or 5W C-Band BUC, RG384/2000, LNB and cable.


Our iDirect VSAT terminal provides an economical all-in-one solution and supports return channel bandwidth of up to 4.2mbps!!! The complete VSAT consists of the Indoor Unit, 1.8 (or 2.4)m C-Band antenna and 5W(or 2W) BUC, LNB and cable.
The unit comes preconfigured and is plug and play.